Questionaire for Audit of HR Department

Prepared By: Amitkumar Tiwari


Human Resource department plays an vital role for providing and managing employees in any organizations. Being an Internal Auditor of a company, the performance of the HR Department should be properly analysed and provide effective suggestions to management for improving the salary structure, cost control and proper allocation of work. The audit can be carried out in two ways. First one is that you follow the traditional way of going through all the records maintained by department and second one is to prepare certain questionnaire and give it to the employees and HOD’s and do detailed verification of only those areas in which the response given by employees and management is not satisfactory.

The format of questionnaire which can be useful for audit of HR Department is given below. However, the readers are encouraged to draft their own questionnaire in accordance with the work manual, internal guidelines of the organization.

Please leave the comment after going through the articles. Any comments, criticism, suggestions are highly appreciated.


S.No Question Yes No N/A Comments
1 Does the department have an overall mission?
2 Does the department have an organisation chart
3 Does the department have a written policies and procedure manual
4 Has the department undergone other reviews in the past 3 years
5 Does the department have the time , tools and resources to effectively accomplish its objectives and mission
6 Are there any special issues or areas of concern to which the department feels that the team of Internal audit be aware of or devote additional time
7 Whether new recruitment is made only after following proper procedure
8 Whether salary paid is as per the appointment letter and increment sanctioned by the competent authority
9 Whether any analysis is done by the department to check out the need of recruitment over requisition received from various department
10 Whether department have any plan or coordination with other department to track the review whether volume of staff is commensurate with work or not
11 Whether organisation is maintaining records of department vice employee’s list (manager level, supervisor level, staff/operation level total) or not
12 Whether the record of all recruiters interview sheet with comment by the person taking interview is maintained
13 Whether organisation is maintaining the records of grievance handling file and providing monthly report over grievance short out issue to management or not
14 Whether organisation is maintaining records of feedback form of all employees after completion of recruitment /training procedure
15 Whether any Person is responsible for providing timely training to different department’s employee and provide timely guidelines over organization policy?
16 Whether organization is maintaining any   Record of exit interview of all employees with reason and providing any feedback/suggestion to higher management to implement any policy to reduce employee turnover?
17 Whether organization is providing Monthly department wise reports over   persons recruited and dispelled or not?

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